Our Church

Bethany Lutheran Church was organized in 1882 to provide an opportunity for Lutherans in the area to gather in worship and to serve their Lord. It was the intention of the founders to provide a place where the Word of God could be proclaimed and the Sacraments could be administered, a place for prayer and mutual encouragement in the Christian life.

Bethany Lutheran Church now exists to provide an evangelical place of worship and fellowship where the Word of God is proclaimed and the Sacraments are administered for resident members, associate members and guests throughout the extended summer season. In so doing, it provides a necessary ecumenical ministry to the community where all are welcome.


From the time the church was founded under the lay leadership of Peter Peterson, Thomas Goodletson, H. A. Anderson, Edward Hanson, Morton Olson, Henry Olson and Simon Evenson through to the present, lay men and women in the congregation, guided by the Holy Spirit, have continued to provide inspiration and direction.

Sixteen regular pastors served the church from 1882 until 1966. At that time the congregation had diminished in size and was taking on a new form and purpose. The church no longer had a full time pastor. Services began and continue to be held during the months of May through October.

Loving God. Loving People.